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Welcome to the Peptide Resource Page

Founded in 2004 the PRP is designed by researchers for researchers to be a complete guide to peptide-related research and products. We maintain an up-to-date, scientist-friendly guide with a focus on a variety of areas including:

  • Custom Peptides - companies that produce modified peptides, libraries, and arrays. We also have a special section on companies that manufacture peptides on the large-scale or under GMP guidelines.

  • Peptide Synthesis Reagents - companies that provide resins, coupling reagents, and protected amino acids as well as biologically active peptides and substrates.

  • Peptide Synthesizers for solution or solid phase peptide synthesis

  • Peptide Sequence Analysis Services that use mass spectrometry, Edman degradation, or C-terminal sequencing

  • Software to calculate the chemical or biochemical properties of peptides, including the prediction of antigenicity or difficult-to-synthesize sequences. There is an additional section on Proteomics Tools for the identification of proteins from peptide sequences determined by mass spectrometry

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